The McGill Journal of Political Studies (Online) is now recruiting for Fall 2021! We are seeking talented individuals to join our team of passionate students, dedicated to publishing insightful political analysis on a daily basis.

What is the McGill Journal of Political Studies (MJPS) Online?

The MJPS is the official publication of the Political Science Students’ Association, McGill’s undergraduate political science society. While the print edition of the journal publishes an annual collection of undergraduate papers, the MJPS Online publishes daily political analysis meant for a general audience. 

We cover topics that fall under the four disciplines of political science offered at McGill: Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Political Theory.

Below are descriptions of each section:

Canadian Politics: Canadian domestic and foreign affairs, especially emphasizing rapid analysis of breaking political news 

International Relations: politics between countries and at the level of international organizations 

Comparative Politics: domestic politics of countries outside Canada, employing a comparative lens between countries where useful 

Political Theory: thoughtful analysis of political philosophy and political theory, including its application to current and historical events 

Why join the McGill Journal of Political Studies (MJPS) Online?

1. Join a close-knit and passionate team

Our team is made up of the most promising writers and editors, all passionate about producing quality political analysis. In fact, all sections are capped at six writers. This not only ensures each article gets the attention it deserves, but it allows each member to feel valued as a part of a close-knit community.

2. We prioritize equity and a positive team environment

With a code of conduct that guides all of our activities, we strive to cultivate a workplace environment that is underpinned by mutual respect and equity. In understanding our influence as an on-campus publication, we also provide each staff member with training, guidelines and resources to effectively consider the role of racism and oppression in the issues we analyze.

3. Have creative freedom

Writers at the MJPS choose their own topics and are never forced to write pre-made pitches that often become stale over time. We also provide the opportunity to write in a variety of formats, including opinion pieces, rapid analysis, and long-form explainers. Editors have substantial freedom in their leadership and editing practices and are also made a meaningful part of discussions about our direction as an on-campus publication. 

4. We are always looking for “new ways to get the insight out”

With the launch of our bi-weekly newsletter “Your Week in Politics” and our expansive social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, your work will be shared with a wide readership that spans dozens of countries. We also execute featured series that provide sustained, insightful analysis as well as interviews with professors, industry experts and policy groups.

Available Positions

We are currently recruiting for the following positions for the Winter 2022 semester:

As a Contributions Editor you will be responsible for:

  1. Managing the contributions email and responding promptly to any article inquires and/or pitches
  2. Providing feedback and support to each contributor as they develop article pitches and draft ideas
  3. Editing all articles, ensuring they meet MJPS publishing standards, deadlines and that each contributor feels their final product is polished and persuasive

We are currently recruiting two Section Editors per section, eight total, along with one Contributions Editor for the 2021-2022 academic year. You can view the application here.

Staff Writer

Staff writers are the backbone of our team and play an important role in providing political analysis to our wide readership. As a Staff Writer you will be responsible for:

  1. Preparing one article every two weeks, including during busy times of the semester
    • MJPS articles provide analysis of current affairs in any one of our four sections. Most articles are short (700-900 words) analytical pieces that explain political phenomena to a general audience.
    • The MJPS also publishes opinion pieces, brief initial analyses immediately following a breaking news event, and long-form explainer pieces, but regular 700-900 word analysis pieces are expected to form the bulk of a writer’s work.
  2. Working closely with your section editor to;
    • Brainstorm, pitch and develop topic ideas
    • Respond to any edits for each article ensuring it meets MJPS publishing standards and deadlines
  3. Promoting innovation in your section by;
    • Reaching out to professors, politicians and/or policy groups for comment on articles or interviews

Staff writers are assigned to one section (International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, or Canadian Politics) and work consistently with the same editor to produce high-calibre articles for their section. They are welcome to occasionally write for other sections, in addition to their regular bi-weekly article for their section.

We are currently recruiting up to six Staff Writers for each section for the 2021-2022 academic year. You can view the application here.

Social Media Staff

Our social media team is an essential part of our team and plays an important role in effectively communicating our brand and expanding our readership. This year, we will have two different types of social media staff.

Newsletter Editors: Two team members will work to produce our bi-weekly newsletter ‘Your Week in Politics’.

Responsibilities would include:
1. Conceptualize the theme for our bi-weekly newsletter in collaboration with the editor in chief and social media director
2. Reach out to section editors to collect the most insightful articles in each section that align with the chosen theme
3. Identify and develop the “engagement” section for each newsletter including unique charts, polls or photos
4. Format each aspect of the newsletter including the editor’s note, chosen articles from each section, feature article and engagement section
5. Ensuring each newsletter is formatted and sent out by the deadline

Social Media Editors : Two team members that will contribute to the day-to-day management of the MJPS’s social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

Responsibilities would include:
1. Using pulled quotes from each article to schedule social media posts on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
2. Designing banners and other graphics to be the featured image for special series
3. Working with the Social Media Director to determine the overall social media direction of the publication and share ideas for social media projects

You can view the application here.

We look forward to reading your applications.

For any questions or concerns, please email the Senior Editorial Team at