Le francais suivra / French follows

Submissions for the print edition are open throughout the fall semester. Contributions should be papers written for a political science class at the 300 level or above and should have received an A- or higher. Inquiries can be sent to editorinchief@mcgillpssa.ca.

The MJPS Online accepts contributions year-round. Submissions for the MJPS Online should be around 900 words (no more than 1,200) and written for an educated general audience. Successful contributions to MJPS Online are typically original articles written specifically for the MJPS or are substantially adapted academic papers. Beyond receiving full drafts, MJPS Online also welcomes inquiries from contributors wanting to work with an editor in the preparation of a draft suitable for online publication. To do so, send an inquiry with a proposed article topic. Full article submissions and contribution inquiries are accepted from everyone (there is no need to be a McGill student) and can be sent to eicmjps@gmail.com.